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Systems Administration

Reliable Penguin offers a comprehensive menu of Systems Administration services for Linux servers and open source applications including general administration, software updates, stability and performance optimization, application scaling,and security remediation.

Services are available on an hourly basis or on a comprehensive monthly support plan including:

  • Unlimited support incidents by email, web, or phone.
  • Engineers on call 24×7 for emergency support.
  • Advanced system monitor with free RP Monitor subscription.

Support plans allow us to take a proactive approach, invest in the stability of your servers, and resolve evolving issues before they become a crisis.

General Administration

Reliable Penguin can perform all common systems administration tasks including:

  • User management
  • Changing passwords
  • Installing and upgrading applications
  • Backups
  • Systems security
  • Resource monitoring
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

Software Upgrades

Update operating systems, services,  and applications. The single strongest preventative security measure is to maintain current versions of all applications. Reliable Penguin can install operating system updates and upgrade major applications like PHP, MySQL, Apache, WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

Stability and Performance Optimization

Is your server crashing or overloaded? The default Apache and MySQL configurations on most servers is only suitable for low traffic sites. By adjusting max connections, keep-alive timeouts, key buffer size, table cache, and dozens of other parameters, Reliable Penguin can dramatically improve the performance and stability of your server.

Application Scaling

Has your traffic exceeded the capacity of a single server? Reliable Penguin can design and implement a plan for scaling your system for high capacity and reliability. From load balanced web clusters to multi-master MySQL replication, Reliable Penguin has the experience that you need for success. Our engineers will work with your developers to resolve critical issues of session management, shared storage, content replication, and parallel deployment.

Security Remediation

Is your site blocked by Google for malware? Did you fail a PCI scan? Reliable Penguin can provide security remediation to fix PCI scan problems. Furthermore, Reliable Penguin can do the forensics and cleanup needed to resolve malware and other security compromises.