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Web Migrations

Are you moving to a new web host or upgraded to a new server?

Reliable Penguin has the technical expertise you need. Our engineers have successfully completed thousands of migration projects over the last decade.

Why Choose Reliable Penguin?

1. Affordable Flat Rate Pricing – Reliable Penguin will provide a “fixed rate” or “not-to-exceed” quote for your migration project so you know in advance what the total cost will be. We’re able to offer affordable rates because of our efficient process and large volume of projects.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed – We require no up-front payment. You’ll be invoiced upon completion of the project. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work then you don’t owe us anything.

3. Experienced – Our engineers know how the Internet works and they have hundreds or even thousands of projects under their belts.  Nothing is more valuable then this experience.

4. Proprietary Techniques – We’ve develop custom tools and techniques for moving and converting data between servers and routing traffic that allow us to minimize downtime and eliminate risk of data loss.

5. Post Migration Support – Each migration project includes 30 days of post migration technical support built into the project cost.

Typical Process

Every migration project is different. Our experienced engineers will work with you to determine the details of your project but here are the typical steps:

  1. Verify Web Host – We ensure that your web host has properly provisioned your new server. Did they install the right size and type of hard discs? Are you getting all the RAM that you’ve paid for? It’s not uncommon for hosting providers to make provisioning mistakes. We’ll discover these problems before your new server goes live and avoid unnecessary downtime.
  2. Reduce TTL or “Time-To-Live.” Typically DNS records are configured to allow caching on servers around the Internet for 24 hours or more. We’ll reduce the TTL to 5 minutes so the cutover to your new server will happen rapidly without inconsistency between the old and new servers.
  3. Survery of Old Server – We will conduct a survey of old server to determine software and configuration requirements. One of our experienced engineers will review your old server and compile a list of requirements for your new server. We’ll be looking at software version, configuration, add-on modules and other important details.
  4. New Server Preparation –  Using the survey information gathered in the previous step as well as our time-tested best practices, we’ll get your new server ready. This includes software upgrade (or downgrades), installing third party add-ons, configure standard applications like the web server, email server, etc.
  5. Move DNS Services – We’ll replicate the DNS configuration at your old host to the new hosting company. This is done prior to the migration to allow for propagation delay. It’s a seamless process that does not involve any downtime.
  6. Initial Content Copy – We do an intial copy of the site content, databases and email boxes to the new server. The old server remains in production during and after the copy. The copy is made over an encrypted connection directly to the new server.
  7. Testing of New Server – Testing is a critical part of making a smooth migration. We support two testing methods – “hosts file” and web proxy. You can use which ever method is easiest for you.
  8. Problem Resolution – It is likely that a few minor issues will be identified in the testing process. We’ll correct these problems and retest as necessary.
  9. Schedule “Go Live” Cutover – Several nights each week we have engineers assigned to do cutovers at 2AM EST. We’ll coordinate with you to select a time slot.
  10. Content Refresh – Immediately prior to the scheduled cutover time, we’ll refresh the web content, databases and email boxes on the new server. This refresh will pickup any changes made on the old server during the testing phase.
  11. DNS Change to New Server –  At the designated cutover time, we’ll make all necessary DNS changes to reroute traffic from the new server to the old server. Since the time-to-live on the DNS records has already been reduced, the cutover will take about 5 minutes to go into effect. This is the only “downtime” in the process. This step completes the formal migration process.
  12. Technical Support – We provide 30 days of technical support after the cutover. We want to make sure that the migration is successful. So for 30 days after the cutover our team of engineers if available to assist with any migration related issues that come up.