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RP Monitor

Let RP Monitor keep an eye on your servers so that you don’t have to.

Combining network availability (ping) testing with deep monitoring of system internals by an onboard agent, RP Monitor provides the tool that you need for proactive system management.

What’s Included

  • Free installation
  • Availability monitoring – the monitoring system will ping the target server every minute to verify availability
  • Web interface with extensive charts and graphs
  • Configurable alert thresholds
  • Email alerts
  • Automatic creation of support tickets
  • Allows for proactive analysis of system utilization and growth
  • Allows for proactive response to unexpected traffic patterns

Reasons To Buy

  • Never be surprised by an outage
  • Get the data you need to plan for the future
  • Reliable third-party up time information
  • Economical compared to other monitoring services
  • On board agent is more advanced than many monitoring services. (Most monitoring services don’t provide an on board agent, therefore they can’t gather statistics about things like disk utilization, memory processes, active processes, and so forth.  This leaves the monitoring services half blind to what’s going on on your system.)

How RP Monitor Works

1. Installation

  • After your order has been received, you’ll be contacted by an experienced Reliable Penguin engineer who will arrange for installation of the onboard agent. You don’t need any technical expertise; our engineer will take care of all the details.

2. Performance Monitoring

  • Once per minute our monitoring server will connect to your server and gather performance methods which are stored in a database.

3. Parameter Comparisons

  • Each parameter is then compared to a number of triggers. If any parameters cross the thresholds configured in the triggers then an alert will be raised.

4. Auto Email or SMS Alert

  • Alerts are sent by email to a destination of your choice. This could be your regular email or an SMS gateway to your cell phone.

5. Auto Support Ticket Generation

  • If your server is being supported by RP Monitor, a support ticket will be opened and we’ll proactively investigate the problem.

6. Client Login – Customizable Reports

  • You can login anytime to the RP Monitor website and view a range of customizable reports and graphs about the performance of your system.

7. Monthly Billing – No Contracts

  • RP Monitor is a monthly recurring service. You will be in invoiced on the 15th of each month for the upcoming months. You can cancel the service at any time.

*** RP Monitor Server is available for Linux servers only. For other servers, check out the RP Monitor URL service. ***