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RP Filter

RP Filter is an effective, low-cost email filtering service provided by Reliable Penguin. RP Filter stands between your email servers and the Internet, acting as a guardian to protects your users and infrastructure from email threats like spam, viruses and phishing attacks.

RP Filter evaluates each and every email message using the latest in scanning technology. If the message is deemed legitimate, it’s delivered to the recipient’s email inbox. If the message is deemed spam, the subject line is tagged, and a user-configurable header is added to the message for delivery by your existing mail server to the user’s inbox, or designated spam folder. You may also chose to have spam delivered to a web-based Spam Quarantine where the recipient can periodically log in to view messages flagged as spam. If a message contains a virus, it is simply discarded, protecting your users from infection.

RP Filter is:

  • Flexible – Can be used with your existing mail server or with your Reliable Penguin email service.
  • Easy to Deploy – An experienced engineer will guide you through the setup process.  Just add mail boxes and point your DNS record to RP Filter.
  • Affordable: At less then half the price of competing serivces, RP Filter is the affordable choice.

Prices start at just $1 per mailbox per month with no setup fee and no minimum number of mailboxes.

Here’s a comparison between RP Filter and Postini Message Security:
Features RP Filter Postini
Email Security: Inbound spam and virus filtering Yes Yes
Email Security: Outbound email virus and content filtering Coming Soon Yes
Email Security: Spooling of messages if your email servers are unavailable Yes Yes
Email Security: Transport layer encryption Yes Yes
Content Policy Management: Reject email file attachments identified as a virus Yes Yes
Content Policy Management: Customizable safe sender/block sender lists (Service Provider and End-User level) Yes Yes
Content Policy Management: Compliance lexicons Yes Yes
Content Policy Management: Regular expression pattern matching Yes Yes
Content Policy Management: “Not Spam Button” (release false positives to end-user mailbox) Yes Yes
Management: API Yes Yes
Management: Service Provider Control Panel Yes Yes
Management: End-User Control Panel (Spam Quarantine) Yes Yes
Management: Users No minimum number of users Must have at least 25 accounts
Languages: Administrative Interface  English English
Languages: User Interface English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish