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RP Backup

rp_backupRP Backup is a hosted data backup service for Internet web sites and servers provided by Reliable Penguin. The service features:

  • Secure off site network backups – Even if your hosting company goes out of business, you’ll still have all of your content and data.
  • Weekly full backups and daily differential backups – That’s right … a backup every day. Not once a week or whenever you get around to it … every day.
  • 2 week retention of all backups – In the event of a recovery, you can select from the most recent backup or any backup up to two weeks old. This is critical in the event of sites that have had security problems.
  • On-demand full backups for point in time recovery – Doing a major upgrade? Just email Reliable Penguin support to get an extra full backup for rollback if your upgrade goes badly.
  • MySQL dump agent – Binary backups of MySQL are not reliable. The databases need to be dumped to a SQL file before backup. Reliable Penguin provides a free MySQL dump agent.
  • One free assisted recovery per month – Let our team handle the data restoration for reliable results. Just call or submit a support ticket and we’ll take it from there.
  • Free setup – No upfront cost or technical expertise required. An experienced engineer will install the server on your dedicated server or shared hosting account.
  • No bandwidth charges – Just a simple monthly fee for the amount of backup data.
  • Works with both shared and dedicated web hosting accounts – Shared hosting accounts are transferred by FTP. For dedicated servers we install our advanced backup agent.

Do you have a mission critical to the MySQL database server? Can’t afford to lose a single transaction? Consider the RP Backup MySQL Replica option. With this optional add-on to the RP Backup service, Reliable Penguin will setup a dedicated MySQL instance configured as a replication slave in our secure data center. Now every transaction will be replicated in real time to our offsite storage. In the event of a catastrophic failure in your server, we’ll have up-to-the minute backups that can be used for rapid and complete recovery.