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RP Services

Web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, credit card processing, monitoring, remote backups, anti-virus, and email filtering.

Systems Admin

General administration, software upgrades, performance optimization, application scaling, and security remediation.

Software Development

Offering "managed offshore" develpment, Reliable Penguin is specialized in Magento Commerce and WordPress.

Web Migrations

One site or a thousand, Reliable Penguin can migrate between servers, host, platforms and control panels.

Our Latest Clients



MMAWeekly is a high traffic WordPress site serving thousands of unique visitors every day. Reliable Penguin maintains a cluster of hosting servers. For special events additional capacity is provisioned on Amazon AWS.


New website for the leading opposition party in Venezuela with over 750K unique visitors every day. Reliable Penguin implemented and manages complex cluster of RackSpace Cloud Servers.


For alignlife.com, implemented multiple custom plugins, advanced search, and third party integrations for WordPress multi-site.
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History Press

Implemented custom WordPress theme including integration with ecommerce plugins.

What Our Clients Say

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"We had been using the same servers for a number of years with the software not being upgraded as often as we liked plus there were other issues with the data center we were using. During the migration progress, I felt comfortable with the work that was being done. I knew that all my customers were in safe hands. It was a real pleasure to work with such professionals. I would recommend them to any hosting company that wants to do a migration."- Nigel Burke, http://avs.com.au
"We found Reliable Penguin to be a godsend for our migration project last year. Professional, accessible, amd always there to help us with any questions before, during, and after the move. We probably would not have undergone such a complex move without their guidance and experience, and now we are very glad we did."- Dave Getty
I've worked with Lee and his team at Reliable Penguin for over 5 years on many diverse projects. He's looked after small and large websites and server installations in a completely efficient, professional, and reliable way. Lee is easy to work with and has been able to liaise in a direct, yet non-confrontational way with business people, programmers, software developers, and IT staff during sometimes pressured and stressful situations without losing his cool.I have 25 years of experience of running businesses around the world and I know when Lee is taking care of the servers, I can get on with running my business and developing client businesses on the Internet. Lee is a completely trustworthy and consistently reliable person. I'd recommend him without hesitation for any business who wants someone who knows what they are doing to take care of their underlying Internet and network infrastructure.- David Cross, www.davidcross.com